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About us


The story of the creation and development of Medicarte is a simple one. It is a story of love. The enormous, undying love I, Dawn Cox-Sturgeon, Company Director, have for my wonderful, inspirational Dad, Alan Norman Cox.

It was whilst my Parents were visiting me in France that my Dad fell ill. I was able to phone an ambulance and go with him to the hospital to explain what had happened, his symptoms and give the medical staff all of his details. But it broke my heart when I had to leave him in the hospital, knowing that he was stuck in a strange place, worrying about his health, yet unable to communicate anything to anyone.
Having lived in France for a number of years I knew that the implication that 'everyone speaks English' was completely untrue. Armed with a pair of scissors, some cardboard and a black marker pen I set to work. I tried to think of the things my Dad would need to say - he needed the loo, he was cold, could he take a stroll etc and set about writing the English on one side and the French on the other. .....and so Medicarte was born.
That was five years ago now, and after 11 days in hospital, my Dad made a full recovery!

Medicarte Translation Aid Ltd.

Medicarte has developed immensely since then, now incorporating scenarios right from the outset, through communicating minor ailments to a Doctor, on to hospital stays, culminating in the ability to ask someone to contact emergency services for you.

Yet all the staff at Medicarte Translation Aid Ltd still retain the same ethos. Medicarte exists to help people. Be it You, your Husband, your Friend, your Daughter, We at Medicarte sincerely hope that you never need to use our product. We are however, proud to have invented the only medium that addresses emergency health issues in this way, and We are safe in the knowledge that Medicarte will be there to help you if ever you should need it.
"......simple and simply ingenious! Medicarte will save lives."
"......Medicarte has given me the courage to travel, knowing in the worst case scenario I can ask for help"
"......a must-have product for any traveller. I don't leave England without one!"